Last Updated: 08/14/07

Welcome to the Clan -=(AYB)=- website. We are a multigaming clan that started back in 2002. We're dedicated to having fun in whatever we play! To see what games we usually play, head on over to our games page. Current members are listed in the profiles page, and if you're looking to hang out with us and/or join the clan, check out our forums and post! Hope to see you around, for great justice!




Removed the Media player from the right, IE7 killed it and I just now got around to removing it.



Allowed pages to load in this frame instead of separately to let the music play without interruption.



Fixed the music controls on the right.



The new website is up and may not look as fancy, but it is still under construction so many parts are not completed yet. We hope to have it finished soon, and now its a lot easier to update than the whole thing being done in flash.